Everything begins with strategy and branding. From there we expand to any other design pieces you may need.



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Brand Strategy and Design

Branding is more than just your logo. It includes a strategy that directs your brand to attract your dream clientele. It also includes logo(s), marks(s), typography, and a brand color palette (and that’s just the start).

Packaging Design

Packaging can be intimidating. That is why we are here to help you not only design something pretty to look at, but also be functional to meet all the requirements needed.

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Editorial Design

From business cards to social media posts. Editorial design now includes print and web use design. 

What Is The Process?

01. Discovery: We begin with me really getting to know your brand and the goals you want to achieve. I know this is an investment, and I don’t want to design something just because it’s pretty. I want to create something that will grow with your brand, and that begins with a solid brand strategy.

02. Strategize: I provide you with a brand strategy that outlines what I discovered in the discovery phase. It includes your brand and audience ethos, the competition, and the visual direction (your mood board and color palette).

03. Design: Now is the fun part. Using the above information I provide you with a concept that I believe encompasses the direction you want to move forward with your brand. Rather than providing you will multiple concepts, I provide you with a single concept that I believe is most in alignment with everything I’ve learned about your business and the brand strategy.

04. Refinements: I understand that sometimes something might just look off and isn’t working. We work together as needed through two rounds of refinements to ensure that your concept is in line with your brand. This phase does include checks and balances, and my job is to make sure that the direction we are moving towards will still be in alignment with your brand.

05. Expand: If you decide to move forward with any additional items (i.e. business cards, packaging, or a website) this is when these are designed.

06. Finalize: Once everything is complete and approved, I send over all the files and tools to help you have a successful brand launch.


Frequently Asks Questions (FAQs)

The cost of each project varies based on what is needed. Contact me to schedule a consultation call to receive a quote for your project.

I believe that branding is a business investment that will help you move forward to your future business goals. Something that is more than just looking pretty. Because of that, I do not offer a logo only package.

Turn around time varies depending on the project and client response time. For example, A basic branding package takes approximately 4-6 weeks. If you decide to move forward with additional brand elements the lead time does extend. Contact me for the specifics!